Kevin o Chris e MC Kekel - Vai Rabetão
Sirena Studio
Roles: Creative Direction | Additional Animation |Composite

I had the pleasure to direct my very first full animation music videoclip!
And what a better way to do it then for two of the biggest "funkeiros" of the present: Kevin o Chris and MC Kekel. 
We tried to show the favela lifestyle and happy people dancing and going to the "baile funk".

Full credits:
Production: Sirena Studio e Mandabusca
Creative Direction: Filipe Consoni
Animation Direction: Ivanildo Soares
Animation: Ivanildo Soares, Junior Soares, Stefany Hibrain, Stephanie de Oliveira and Victor Bolo
Additional Animation and Composition: Filipe Consoni
Character Design: Wander Deley
Background Design: Jefferson Biglia
Storyboard: Filipe Consoni and Jefferson Biglia