My very first animated short film

"Lonely" follows the story of a nameless character struggling through her day-to-day feelings of loneliness and isolation with a dreamlike solitude that draws one in. As she’s on the edge of giving up, something unexpected happens.
The film gradually unveils a variety of landscapes and situations that feel surreal, abstract, and even unsettling. It encourages viewers to come away with their own interpretation of the unfolding story, but a clear outcome: help is always within arm’s reach.
By sparking conversations around mental health and encouraging people to seek support, "Lonely" is a powerful reminder that no one is ever truly alone, and there is always someone out there who cares and wants to help.


Directed by: Filipe Consoni
Produced by: Fern
Art Direction by: Jefferson Biglia
Sound Design by: Saulo Baumgartner
Fern Executive Producers: James Mabery, Caroline Lobo
Animation by: Adelir Boeira, Deco Daviola, Filipe Consoni, Guilherme Gurian, Gustavo Mochiuti, 
Henrique Zago, Natalia Faria, Pola Lucas, Wander Deley
Additional Animation and Composite by: Adelir Boeira, Filipe Consoni, Henrique Zago, Matheus Canto
Clean-up by: Adelir Boeira, Dazy Teodoro, Filipe Consoni, Francine Rocha, Jefferson Biglia

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