My very first animated short film

"Lonely" follows the story of a nameless character struggling through her day-to-day feelings of loneliness and isolation with a dreamlike solitude that draws one in. As she’s on the edge of giving up, something unexpected happens.
The film gradually unveils a variety of landscapes and situations that feel surreal, abstract, and even unsettling. It encourages viewers to come away with their own interpretation of the unfolding story, but a clear outcome: help is always within arm’s reach.
By sparking conversations around mental health and encouraging people to seek support, "Lonely" is a powerful reminder that no one is ever truly alone, and there is always someone out there who cares and wants to help.

Creative Direction: Filipe Consoni
Production: Fern
Art Direction: Jefferson Biglia
Sound Design: Saulo Baumgartner
Fern Producers: James Mabery, Caroline Lobo
Animation: Adelir Boeira, Deco Daviola, Filipe Consoni, Guilherme Gurian, Gustavo Mochiuti, Henrique Zago, Natalia Faria, Pola Lucas, Wander Deley
Additional Animation and Composition: Adelir Boeira, Filipe Consoni, Henrique Zago, Matheus Canto
Clean-Up: Adelir Boeira, Dazy Teodoro, Filipe Consoni, Francine rocha, Jefferson Biglia

One of the very first steps of the short film was building an animatic with the storyboard frames and rough sound design in order to understand how the film was feeling, timing, what works and what doesn't works, etc. 
The animatic went through several iterations until it felt right.

Here you can take a peek behind the scenes of production, concept arts, rough animation passes, composite demonstrations and fun isolated elements.
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