What being a leader at Client X means

The onboarding program will be redesigned to both scale and create consistency in delivering an effective onboarding experience across our diverse workforce and geographies. As part of this redesign, the onboarding learning journey will transform into a blended learning offer (just in-time digital learning + live experiences) over one’s first 90 days, that enables each new hire to learn and embrace Client X culture, business, and their role to do the best work of their careers.
Goal/Expected Outcome: New employees have a clear understanding of what to expect over their first 90 days, access to timely culture, business and role learning content (starting with the role of a people leader), and ability to enroll in local, live onboarding events. New people leaders will have access to scalable learning content and resources most critical to helping them understand what leading at Client X means and how to lead through our culture and key talent practices.
Target Audience: New employees and new people leaders within their first three-months at Client X.
Actual client name has been removed from material that is showcased.


Director: James Mabery
Creative Director: Alexandra Badiu
Art Directors: Vera Babida, Bérengère Morel
Executive Producer: Caroline Lobo
Senior Producers: Megan Flaherty, Inés Michelena
Lead Animators: Axel Kinnear, Filipe Consoni, Josh Trotter, Alvaro Parra
Animators: Benjamin Geffroy, Abby Snider, Maria Migalko, Quincy Baltes, Sebastian Munoz, Agris Caurs, Bah Nozari, Dennis Wardzala, Camille Vincent, 
Drew Jackson, Jacob Richardson, Samantha Jones, Mark Butchko, Sooz Reilly, Maxime Bousquet
Illustrators: Alexandra Badiu, Vera Babida, Bérengère Morel, Alexandra Francis, Cadu, Catarina Alves
Sound Designer: Limes and Cherries
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